Factories (factory)

Factories are a mix between services and funcs. Like services, they take a block which is evaluated once. Unlike services though, that block must return a callable "builder" (like a Proc).

If a factory is referenced as a service (i.e. no arguments) it returns a factory object that responds to either #call or #new and will call the builder in turn.

If a factory is instead referenced like a method (i.e. with arguments) it will call the builder directly.

require 'alki'
assembly = Alki.create_assembly do
  factory :logger do
    require 'logger'
    -> (io) { Logger.new io }

  service :main_logger do
    logger STDOUT
    # -or-
    logger.call STDOUT
assembly.new.main_logger << "hello\n"

#output: hello

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